Join in the group of film-makers!

My partner and I got a chance to see how filming is in real life while our school employed a film company to make a promotion video and the knowledge is far more useful, which also amazed me how little things can change the effect.


  • the lighting in the classroom is half-dark and half-bright because of the natural light comes from one side of window, therefore the artificial lighting will be another side to even out the lighting! (Take notice of the place you are filming, it is not necessary to waste extra electronics in every single situation.)
  • One of the film-makers introduce us small equipments to help construct a better quality commercial video.

e.g. Mattebox, which can block the sunlight or unwanted light; correction gel, which can correct colour; high-key light, which brighten the whole place and good for commercial.

  • Microphone: 1. direction microphone(control the direction and hold it while recording) 2.wireless microphone(usually hide under the clothes, more often in TV show)




Possibilities of ideas 2: A Romance in the Museum

I’ve been to Museum of Broken Relationships two years ago when i first came here and it is quite impressive so we went together to see if it is a good location to create a story for.

I’d like to call it like a series of biographies about people all around the world who broke up and some of them are so touching and helpless: betrayal, death, ripping, drug addicts, long distance relationship… As we noticed that most people in the museum were single rather than couples and my partner thought it was really weird and inappropriate to bring your boyfriend/girlfriend there since it was not romantic and grieving atmosphere might not cheer them up.


The artificial bulb light is so good as you can see below and it is obvious that the setting is in the museum BUT it was hard to tell it is about broken relationship unless you look individual stories carefully, which we thought it might not work. What’s more, our first idea about the museum is to create an irony but it may not be effective as a comedy or horror, it is too general and both of us are not good at romance so we left it aside for a bit.


view from upper town( way to the Museum)


One of the stories in the museum, brief but effective about a snoopy toy that the man gave to her as a birthday gift and how she lost her love by he saying ‘I have never loved you before.’ after 30 years. To be honest, I think it is a good spot but it is really sad and it already existed.

A wall visitors wrote their stories on in different languages:


Tickets for entrance of the museum and trams:

Our tickets of entrance of the museum:

Taking a cable bus up to reach Museum of Broken relationship:

Possibilities of ideas: A Game ‘Werewolf’

possible stories


One of our ideas is to set a backstory of a party Game known as Werewolf as well as Mafia, which was created in USSR. Basically, it composes two teams – werewolves and town folks including those with special power such as Spellover who can protect one person and Seer who can examine others if they are werewolves. Here is the detailed explanation of the Game:

Rules of Werewolf

Honestly, I did not understand the game till I saw my partner playing it with Y11 because there are so many characters and villagers with special power confused me. This is a part of all characters we used in Y11 below since there were only 13 of them in the class so we eliminated some cards first.


It was not easy to calm them down especially for my partner who played the Narrator and I was writing their names down to track who they were as an assistant.


The issue was some of them did not understand the rules well, for example, they are not supposed to speak or making any sound but some of them incidentally did instead of pointing, nevertheless, it was quite fun and it revealed the possible problem. On top of that, it was interesting and surprising to see them acting against their friends in the game, which was considered as one of the possible backstory of the game – how people act under veneer might be who they really are.

Test round with Y11


Vote out a werewolf


Having considered how to set up the scene in the film, my partner and i agreed to set up the game in a psychology lesson, which is quite reasonable to play a game as a study of how people think and react and it is doable to film in our school.


script fror the Narrator


Here is the picture of the rest of cards we have not used so far, most of them are normal villigers:

Besides playing with Y11, we also did the second test round with Y10 to see how it works and whether it is going to perform more or less better. And Y10 was so willing to corporate and they were not over-excited which was a good beginning already. We have to admit that the game would not work if players do not follow the rules like peeking during the nightfall and revealing their identity, which was all excluded while playing with Y10. Surprisingly, they always voted one person and others followed the votes once a person said ‘it’s XX!’, as a outsider of the game, I found it really interesting how people act and there is something to say for sure if we came up with a good backstory.