Join in the group of film-makers!

My partner and I got a chance to see how filming is in real life while our school employed a film company to make a promotion video and the knowledge is far more useful, which also amazed me how little things can change the effect.


  • the lighting in the classroom is half-dark and half-bright because of the natural light comes from one side of window, therefore the artificial lighting will be another side to even out the lighting! (Take notice of the place you are filming, it is not necessary to waste extra electronics in every single situation.)
  • One of the film-makers introduce us small equipments to help construct a better quality commercial video.

e.g. Mattebox, which can block the sunlight or unwanted light; correction gel, which can correct colour; high-key light, which brighten the whole place and good for commercial.

  • Microphone: 1. direction microphone(control the direction and hold it while recording) 2.wireless microphone(usually hide under the clothes, more often in TV show)




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