#1 (Theoretical elements)Research: Convention of Fantasy Genre

My partner and I set down what the genre woud be for our short film – fantasy, which we’ve already decided to set in a psychology lesson and some other locations while showing flashbacks.

As in my AS media coursework, I did not do the convention of horror First but did it afterwards and mixed it with lighting and soundtrack Research, which was not so bad. but not good either. It would be much better if we leave ourselves some time to exlpore convention of the genre we choose since it can construct the meaning explicitly and establish the enigma well especially for a short film that has limited time to tell a story this time.

I found a really useful Prezi that thoroughly covers every basic elements in fantasy:

Conventions of fantasy


What are the features of Fantasy?


  •  always have a happy ending
  • rather simplistic and linear narrtive
  • reputation for ideologically traditional
  • often a make-believe world e.g. Wonderland in Alice In Wonderland
  • elements involving magic, supernature and imaginary creations

What is the typical setting for Fantasy?


  • make-believe realms or incorparating bits in real world  e.g. Alice In Wonderland
  • sci-fi worlds e.g. Never Ending Story
  • fairy-tale setting like castles and enchanted forests e.g. Alice In Wonderland, Red Riding hood
  • tend to be Medieval era as a setting e.g. Lord of The Rings
lord of rings

Typical characters:

  • the Hero: the protagonist, embarking on a quest for fame and fortune
  • the Villain: the antagonist, seeking to stop what the Hero wants to do such as the dark lord Valdemort in Harry Potter
  • the Princess: the reward for the hero and often the desire of the antagonist who seeks to involve her schemes to outwit the hero(not always a person)
  • Character with the Magic origin: they tend to be one of the most important elements for fantasy, which is also conventional, they can solve the problem in different ways.

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