#2 (Basic miss-en-scene)Research: Convention of Fantasy Genre

Having mentioned typical settings, there are more details about mise-en-scene in conventional fatasy.


What is the conventional miss-en-scene in Fantasy?

  1. Props
  • weapons in medieval times: Swords, bows, arrows
  • wizard: wand, broomstick
  • magical objects as a highly common theme: invisibility cloak in Harry Potter
  • some props help to give a form of Reality to the piece. For example, the props are larger than it should be to help enfore the idea of that the characters are exceedingly small in the Borrowers.
  • tend to have one representative object that helps creat branding




2. Colour and Lighting

  • Saturated primary colour that gives audiences a more friendly feeling; a strong contrast to the evil side(the Villain), which is darker and muddy (usually green and red)
  • Lighting is used to portray the Hero and the Villain. The light might be appeared as natural light (more welcoming) when the Hero shows, the happy atmosphere is created;
  • Adversely, the evil is often portrayed in shadow.


3. Costumes

  • tend to be light, sometimes can be bold like red cloak in Red Ridinghood; yet some cotumes for the evil is more likely to be Black
  • In a medieval setting, both of the good and the evil tend to dress in dark Brown, but the cosutmes for the evil might be bizarre.


For example, Hobbit wears robe and they look like human whereas Azog has bone white skin and wicked-looking, and they barely wear anything but underwear.



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