#1 Film Research: Fantasy(fairy tale style)

Alice In Wonderland(2010)

Alice In Wonderland Trailer

It is more likely to be a fairy tale since a lot of elements in it present a magical word ‘Underland’ – a make-believe place, as same as the classic series Disney Land. And the colour and coustume in it are very useful for our short film, especially for the character Angel, who is considered to be fairy style, but most characters are dressed in medieval vintage style so the main Research will be in:

Film research: medieval time Fantasy


How does it create a sense of fantasy? (mise-en-scene)

  1. Props
  • sword indicating the time is not nowadays that is usually to do with gun, so it may be medieval times; Vorpal Sword is the magic object that has special power to slay the Jabberwocky, which is also one of the most props in it since it is the key to the battle.

屏幕快照 2016-01-02 15.59.47


  • magic liquid ‘Drink me’ and cake ‘Eat me’, which are two important props since it has magic power, without them, the world relates to fantasy will not be connected since Alice may not have the chance to enter with her huge body for underland.It has the effect of help for the protagonist and create a sense of magical world.

屏幕快照 2016-01-02 14.22.04


  • Hatter’s Hat, which is the object shows how small Alice and others are, indicating ‘the reality’ is not real indeed by using abnormal size of protagonist Alice; the signal of strength of magic power, the ease at shrinking and stretching people.



  • a table of tea cups and teapots, which is a way to keep normality in a make-believe world at the same time signals audience ‘the lunatics’ were having a good life before, they seem crazy but they did have some power or standing before; or it just indicates the fantasy in this world, nearly everybody is able to enjoy tea party.

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  1. Colour and lighting 
  • natural lighting in London – green grass(lively, energetic, being looked after), brown house(classic and conventional) , mild color clothes (educated, humble, friendly)

Blue dress – naivety, intelligent, simple, brave, different from other female’s white dresses; emphasize the unique character of protagonist


  • dim light in underland (contrast to lighter light in human world)

Grey layermisery atmosphere, not clear indicating underland is different from human world, it is confusing even ominous, there is no sunshine but intensely foggy and hazy views, which also indicating the misery atmosphere of ruling of Red Queen




  • exceedingly colourful in forests – it can mean creative and no-restriction, also gives audiences a dangerous feeling that anything can happen in it. For example, the monster rushed in while they met Alice here, the land may be a property neither belong to White Queen neither Red Queen



  • All in white in White Queen castle, which is contrast to Red Queen castle, the purity of her kingdom and positive character
  • Lighting in White Queen side is more natural and brighter, or using the artificial light to add up the brightness


  •  White Queen’s dress is stylish and girly, more like the role of princess, spoiled kid, also very gentle and pretty, which cooperates with lighting in order to emphasise the dark side of Red Queen;
  • nevertheless her dark red lips and nails demonstrate her power and strong character as a ruler, her way to rule is to use people’s fond of her apperance and soft manner, which can also be very deceived.


  • All in dark and red in Red Queen Castle, which indicates the bloody ruling of her policy and cruel nature, the colors give audience an impression that the Villain is Red Queen at very First

red queen

“ALICE IN WONDERLAND” Final Film Frame Helena Bonham Carter ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Red – passion, blood, self-importance, the nature of showing off, dictator, which applies to Red Queen’s kingdom where everybody is complicated and herself believes ‘fear is better than being loved’.


  • Alice dresses in Red Queen’s style, it shows her bravery is coming back, which is questioned by Hatter before. She wears clothes from her enemy but she is brave enough to fight as she was young and expected.

T and T

  • Fat brothers’s suspenders and stripped T shirt

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