#3 Film Reseach: Fantasy(modern)

Twilight (series)



Twilight is a series of vampire-themed fantasy with a sub-genre of romance, which emphasises the relationship between Bella and Edward who has already been a vampire. Unlike other research that mostly set in medieval time, Twilight pays most attention nowadays with flashbacks in old times, which is what our short film might do – transfer of identity for the game in medieval time and back to themselves again to modern school look during the day time. The way it does for flashback or recollections is worth looking at.




  • Vampires do have special abilities rather than magic power like in Harry Potter, they seem have the abnormal speed of moving and strength, e.g. Edward Cullen has the ability of reading minds, and Bella is able to use ‘shield’. It sounds less fancier than magic wand but it keeps the normality in a modern society as much as possible.



  • Over-pale face, and red eyes when hunting: the transition of appearance effectively shows the vampire fantasy storyline, the change between human-being and vampire is quite clear by change of make-up and even style of costumes




  • Cullen crest in Vampires’ family: it ties the relationships of everyone in Cullen’s family, which teams them together to against another group of vampires who are supposed to be antagonists.
  • It is a way to avoid more dialogues to show the information of relations, and it would be unnecessary to speak up on purpose so it is much better to apply details of necklaces



  • The costumes of Cullens are rather ordinary than fancy, which are a bit unconventional to conventional fantasy, but they always wears the similar colour indicating they are together, very clear, and they do not want to attract attention from others.

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