#1 Design our game cards!

My partner and I are trying to set up the card size and design on it, it depends on which angle we use, which is likely to be over-the-shoulder shot so we did a test round to see how each card Works.

First one: printed template 7cm x 5 cm

It is even smaller than my hand and it is too soft to be a card, it is hard to see the image as well.


Second one:(medium) 9cm x 7 cm

This one is bigger than the First one and the paper is thicker and tougher.



Third one: (giant) 11cm x 8 cm

This is huge and it is not natural or relaistic; players can easily peek  others’ cards(break the rule).



This is the three sizes we tried and we decided to choose the second one (medium) that is suitable for filming:

We also tried vertical direction but I realized that the camera goes with landscape(horizontally):




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