First meeting: HOW TO DO IT list(basic plan)

We’ve decided on the idea of Werewolf for a while and it’s time to work out our first drift plan.

I wrote down the ideas we wanted to use while discussing:

  • the game will be set in a psychology lesson, which makes sense why they play the game
  • Teacher will talk to camera mixed with her point of view from students like House of cards, which feels like talking to audience, breaking the fourth wall and audience suddenly pay attention:
  1. there are titles aside while teacher explaining rules(bullet points)
  2. students appear like their character when the Narrator(teacher) calls their character name in order to create a sense of fantasy. For example, werewolf wakes up with grey make-up and cloaks
  3. Seer is renamed as Angel so there is clearly two leaders in the game – werewolf(kill villagers) and Angel(save villagers)
  4. the back story will be done by flashback
  5. Angel’s wings are going to be Black with white glitters wrapped, after every night, the glitter will fall a bit indicating Angel can also be horrible to others – under veneer
  6. might use Arc Shot at the beginning showing cards over the shoulder by freezing image and titles aside explaining their special power

Here is the discussion memos afterwards:

Discussion memo 1

Discussion memo 2

Discussion memo 3


There are also impractical ideas(NO!) we crossed out considering the time limitation:

  • 1 minute discussion after each night, before voting out one player (X)
As people known, participants can not leave their seats or communicate with other players during the game, otherwise, they might collute and reveal their identity, gossiping around is not a good idea even though it is more ineresting!
  • flashback of the play of werewolf doing charity indicating his good nature in reality (X)
The meaning of this idea is not terrible but it is true that doing charity is too much for a brief flashback, which is likely to confuse audience, very clumsy. It can be some light moments – picking up the pens for others, helping disable students move, then the plot is clearer and neater.

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