#2 Design our game cards!

I was working on the part of looking for images on the cards for each character that can represent their personality and one thing I learned is not be to complex but it should be effective to show the character – simple but symbolic.


Madman(1): villiager look-like, portrait of smiling slyly, bows down, the shadow of his hat covers his eyes

  • he/she is actually on werewolf’s side and hiding among the villagers(sneaky)

Cursed one(1): a scratch on the arm

  • Like zombie movie, the person is infected by the curse and a scratch is a symbol he/she will turn to werewolf next night



Werewolves(2): the main protagonist, instead of drawing the whole body, we decide to do a portrait

  • as mentioned, I’d like to keep it simple and this portrait effectively shows werewolf, we agreed with it



Angel(1): a sign of wings

  • there are two choices below, I prefer the left one and my partner prefers the right one but finally the left one goes with the frame
  •  Angel is usually considered to be a girl, in the game, it can be a boy(even though it depends on casting) so we aviod gender issue


Lovers(2): half-heart shape

  • as same as Angel, there is no gender indication for lovers
  • half-heart can strongly tie these two characters instead of a whole heart



Druid(1): a scale

  • describe it perfectly – choose one to revive and one to die


it looks nice and curvy, but not as good as the one below


   it is vintage style, and it matches the frame we chose, give our film a medieval fantasy feeling(props in Lord of rings are similar)


Too scientific and plain

Ordinary Villagers(6): people with a hat and hoe

  • no special face expression




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