#3 Design our cards!



Without frame, the card will be too plain and we agree that the card is one of the most important props in the film so it’d better be good quality, not necessarily fancy though.


Frame 1:



It’s a card design but the shape of frame 1 is curvy like riband, and the line is simple but it takes much more space than others




Frame 2:



It is quite girly but the line is too thin to be the frame we want.




Frame 3:



We are satisfied with the double line, one is thicker and one is thinner, and it is not hard to do.




Frame 4:



The patterns are beatiful but this frame is like for greeting cards or letters, the line is too thin and not simple.



Frame 5:


very classical frame, the line is too thin though, many of frames have the same problem.





Finally, after applying it on the cards, frame 3 works the best and it matches most of images we chose. I will keep all the frames in case we need it sometime.



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