Facebook meeting: process of making cards!

Winter holidays came and we had to discuss it online. After I found designs on the cards and we decided on it together, we asked a Y10 student Jay Zhong to draw it, actually employed him and paid since he is good at art in general. Game cards are quite important in our short film, it may be a branding so having thought carefully, we wanted our props look appropriate and fit in.

Unfortunately, our budget is quite low so finding an artist is not realistic, i do think this is part of our learning and approach to media productionif you want to earn profits, lower your cost of production and try to get a good quality of product.


  • Ran out of ink!
news from Jay












It surprised both of us that ink was finished so fast! It was during winter holidays and he was in Germany, it meant art work would postpone till the school starts BUT it did not affect us much, this time we started earlier just in case something went wrong, and it proved we got enough time to let him finish!

Tip 1: Leave yourself enough time, to make everything as you expect, otherwise, your idea may not be achieved in limited time.


  • Choosing the frame colour!

We’ve decided that the colour went with gold, which would go with ancient and mysterious style in medieval time, but we were not sure about how other colour might look.

The truth is we are right, gold is the perfect colour, silver is not strong enough to contrast the white paper, black would be plain as the characters are drawn in black too.

Tip 2: there is nothing wrong to try, it is going to be worked out by doing.


  • A part missing?!


Both of us agreed that it was a bit odd, without the corner of it, it did not look like completed in terms of the planning I did before. ( click Select a Frame to see)

Tip 3: it’s better to produce one at first as a sample, rather than producing tons of it before you confirm that is what you want, it is wasting of time and money!


  • Confusing about the pens

It is not easy to talk online sometimes, it was confusing which pen ran out of ink and the effect we wanted by plainly describing it, i just kept asking questions as you can see…


Tip 4: always remember it is a teamwork, expressing your ideas in the brain is crucial in every step.


It could be the slightest thing in the production, but it can improve 1% of quality by correcting even tiny mistakes as proved in the research Marginal Games Theory!


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