How do characters dress? (props)

  • Angel: we decided to break the convention of Angle being the positive character; her wings will be black covered by white glitter powder; it matches with the design in cards we asked for (link: Design of cards)

Meaning: related to the backstory ‘under veneer’, Angel is not necessary to be a saviour, the conventional costumes we follow is wings, as if they are the goddness.




  • Boy lover: A ring with a heart shape/a similar shape as girl lover’s necklace
Meaning: the concept of lovers bound together, and the conventional image of love is a heart shape, but it is not likey boys will wear a necklace so it may be more realistic to wear a ring.


  • Girl lover: a necklace with the same ring as Boy Lover as a pendant

 Meaning: (as said in Boy Lover part)


  • Druid: it is a flower crown with mistletoes


mistletoe: one of the conventional consume of Druid; they used to cut trees of mistletoes with artefact weapon

Meaning: she is the one who can revive one person and kill one, which gives her the power to either be the good or the bad, but we decided to let her be a positive character, opposite of Angel, she is the ‘goddness’ actually.


  •  Werewolves: a mask usually be seen in Halloween party for each of them


Why not using make-up?

Having looked at other’s AS works, we agree that sometimes less is more if you can not make it right! Werewolf make-up is tedious and artist needs to be highly-skilled to draw, we are not that professional in make-up, it takes much more time than put a mask on…


  • Madman: a straw hat


Meaning: the same hat as villagers to keep the normality; but the way of wearing it is different



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