Werewolf make up…? A mask will do!

At very first, we considered to do make-up since we didn’t have alternative at that time.

Here we go, this is one of the videos we watched:

All the professional make up including hair, rubber ears…hmm… I mean we can try but the chance we might make it wrong is 80%…


We were in a meeting, and I was browsing online shop to see if a mask will work, surprisingly, it does! My partner thought it was those plastic mask with fake hair on, like you saw in cartoon… But when I showed her, she agreed that I should order it from China and my aunt can bring it to me! (save the postage fee)

looking forward to see it!





#1 Planning for storyboard

My work is drawing the storyboard, before that, we need to sort out the storyline and discuss the angles and shots, it took such a long time to describe what we think, and to visualise it.



  1. Shot of school with tripod, people passing by
  2. (eye level) behind the bench, overall view of people standing and talking
  3. (medium shot) main werewolf putting staff in the locker, looks back at Angel
  4. (from Druid POV) girl lover stands by the locker, fidgeting
  5. the boy lover walking towards girl lover, shrugging off her, to classroom
  6. Angel folds her arms and narrows her eyes(bell rings)
  7. (from teacher POV) students sitting in the classroom, cards back-faced on each desk
  8. (from students’ POV) teacher hold a stack of paper, relaxing, talking
  9. (medium shot, break the forth stage explanation on First meeting: details) teacher talking to camera
  10. (arc shot+freeze frame, over-the-shoulder) forces on important characters, bullet points of their special power(voice-over, teacher keep talking)
  11. lovers turn, two separates screens get together in one screen(editing)
  12. (camera behinds teacher, overall view of students) game starts


See the storyboard for this part: Storyboard Part 1

What type of Fonts in cards?

Here are two links:

30 free fantasy fonts

Fantasy fonts

And my job is to find the appropriate fonts matched to the card design, it will be really good if the fonts are medieval style!

some of them are nice but very modern, some of them are cute:

To create a fantasy, I think every detail is important, otherwise it will just be a comedy, break the enigma.

Some of them you can not even read…:

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 08.36.28Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 08.36.16


After research, we talked through it and decided to use Moria Citadel, at least ‘Werewolf’ looks nice especially ‘W’:

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 08.27.16

OR magic school:

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 08.35.31

I talked to our artist and we agreed that he could modify it but it has to be based on the one we chose:) Looking forward to see it!



#3 (Basic plots)Research: Convention of Fantasy Genre

To know more about fantasy, we may know more about conventional fantasy, we either choose to follow or challenge, but the basic plot is the frame for fantasy as I consider.

The website that is useful and detail:
The Seven Basic Plots


Christopher Booker’s The Seven Basic Plots is a long book. It’s on the order of War and Peace for thickness. It also gets a bit repetitive at times, but if you can slog through the material, you’re rewarded with a good understanding of the seven basic plots.


  1. overcoming the monster

there is a threat in the land and Hero is going to save the kingdom or his/her homeland, which is considered as monster, not an alien from outside the world, that is sci-fi.

e.g. Lord of the rings (more on the post Film research: Lord of the rings)


2. Rags to riches

This may be the feature of fantasy i have mentioned on the post Research: conventional features in Fantasy – A happy ending! Like Disney films, they tend to create a reunite ending in the family or a princess being bullied by step-mother finally met her prince.

They give audiences a conclusion, do not hang them there, which satisfy expectation of audiences. And it also delivers a message that good things come to good people.

Some of do challenge this rule though,

e.g. Into the wood, a dark fairy tale


3. the Quest

the process of being a real hero, to look for things he needs, always with the helper, and conquer different sorts of difficulties on the way; the villain tries to stop them.


4. Voyage and return

there are two situations might be referred to ‘Voyage’:

a) it can be Hero has already been in a magic world, but the evil is far away or the magic elements he needs is far so he has to travel

b) it can be Hero falls into a magic world, which is a priceless travel, a new world

Both of a) and b) shows the coming of age style so they grow after triumphs.

e.g. Alice in Wonderland (more on the post Film research: Alice in Wonderland)


5. Comedy

Most of fantasy, they tend to have a positive protagonist, a Hero, and it comes to a happy ending.


6. Tragedy

the protagonist is the evil, and it is falling into dark slowly, then it ends up with the death of him/her as a happy ending.


7. Rebirth

It is a more optimistic form based on Tragedy, the evil is pulled out of the mire at the end.



Our wings arrived from Dubai!

My partner Nass (her blog) brought wings from Dubai after winter holiday, and glue gun that is used to stick tearing feather back!

Wings were damaged and our job is to repair it. I think glue gun is dangerous but my partner is working with it so my job is to help her stick the feather, make sure it does not fall again, I prefer sticking feathers to using a GUN… I mean a glue gun…


As you can see, the is the BEFORE picture – injured wings!


We are ready to save it!



Sorry, broken feathers… without tearing you down, I can not do my jobs.


↑↑↑↑ (done)

glue gun works well but we can stick many layers of feathers, it may fall again…