#1 Planning for storyboard

My work is drawing the storyboard, before that, we need to sort out the storyline and discuss the angles and shots, it took such a long time to describe what we think, and to visualise it.



  1. Shot of school with tripod, people passing by
  2. (eye level) behind the bench, overall view of people standing and talking
  3. (medium shot) main werewolf putting staff in the locker, looks back at Angel
  4. (from Druid POV) girl lover stands by the locker, fidgeting
  5. the boy lover walking towards girl lover, shrugging off her, to classroom
  6. Angel folds her arms and narrows her eyes(bell rings)
  7. (from teacher POV) students sitting in the classroom, cards back-faced on each desk
  8. (from students’ POV) teacher hold a stack of paper, relaxing, talking
  9. (medium shot, break the forth stage explanation on First meeting: details) teacher talking to camera
  10. (arc shot+freeze frame, over-the-shoulder) forces on important characters, bullet points of their special power(voice-over, teacher keep talking)
  11. lovers turn, two separates screens get together in one screen(editing)
  12. (camera behinds teacher, overall view of students) game starts


See the storyboard for this part: Storyboard Part 1


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