(PG)Classification of target audience

The website I used to identify how suitable my AS opening is is British Board of Film Classification(BBFC):  http://www.bbfc.co.ukand both of us trust its reputation and authority therefore we’d like to follow it for A2 short film.

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Personally, I consider it as PG.

Last year, I classified my opening as PG since it is a horror of a mild version since my first idea included drugging.

Having considered our A2 short film, it does not contain any violence even bad language, and the ending is happy and educational, which is written in U classification:


Why I consider it as U?

At U we only allow infrequent use of very mild bad language (e.g. ‘damn’ and ‘hell’).

 According to our script (part 1&part 2&part 3), there is no bad language at all. Nevertheless, it is a school drama and mild bad language might be added, it is a way to express their emotion.

Characters may be seen kissing or cuddling…there could be mild or undetailed references at U.

we do not plan put any aggressive sexual behaviour at all, maybe hold hands!

generally contain positive messages about loyalty, honesty and friendship, particularly amongst children. The film or video may well have a happy ending.

That’s exactly what we do, pass on positive information, accusing Angel’s mean treatment to her friends! The ending is in balance as well.

No drugs

Why it may NOT be considered as U but PG?


(U) However, it is impossible to predict what might upset a particular child, especially at this lower end of the category range.

? It sounds like it would be better to classify our short film as PG instead of U unless we are 200% sure that will not upset any particular child…

? One of the props we have is werewolf mask, I wonder if that is scary to children when ‘werewolves’ lift their heads up…

PG works can explore challenging issues such as bullying, bereavement or racism.

From my understanding, PG films tend to explore deeper problem in the society as our film does – situational behaviour.

And Lucy as a mean girl threats Emily that makes a decision between her or Greyson, which probably reveals Lucy’s dominant position as bullying? therefore it might be classified in PG.

In a PG work, potentially dangerous or antisocial behaviour which young children are likely to copy.

no weapon even knives, and no antisocial behaviour.

Fantasy settings may again be a factor in the treatment of such content.

In PG classification, it mentions Fantasy! It suggests that it will be fine in PG as long as frightening sequences are not prolonged.

We agreed to go for PG, because it mentions PG work explore deeper issues and we are afraid werewolf mask will be unsuitable.



WHO are typical characters in school drama?

I found an interesting website explaining stereotypical characters in high school, but not all of them are what we are familiar:

High school stereotypes

Several characters in our film:

  • The Trouble Maker&The Bro (Don)

As introduced in the article, it is more about bullying and the trouble maker  but Don is set to be a good-natured and annoying boy, very childish, like to joke but not discriminate nor bully indeed.

  • The outcast (Sean)

Unlike Don, Sean is quite and neglected by others, he is afraid of showing his goodness or choosing the wrong identity, which is his epiphany at the end of the film.

the fear of being trapped in a grown-up future and choosing the wrong identity, and of course the pain of love, which we all learn to anesthetize eventually.

  •  The try-too-hard teacher (Mrs. Burn)

Actually, Mrs. Burn is that try-too-hard teacher who wants to keep them even after class finishes just to let them know the homework.. And we definitely use the convention of school teacher.

  • The alpha bitch (Lucy)

Mean Girls, Regina George. Yes, we portray Lucy as a mean and manipulative girl, and I think she is based on Regina George.



Their names!

We decided to give names to our main characters and villager might use their real names since they are not being called as often as the main one:

For Angel – we want it to be ironic, instead of Catherine, a simple name Lucy will be just opposite of her mean and complicated character.

For Werewolf 1 – he supposed to be loud and annoying but also nice, we don’t want his name to stand out, so Don actually works for him.

For werewolf 2 – he supposed to be quiet and invisible in the class, again, his part will be longer than Don, but due to his character, we call him Sean, because of shy maybe, they all start with S.

For Druid – she supposed to be wise so she can help her friend out of troubles, so Irene is perfect and Druid is the one behaving like a judge, Irene means ‘Peace’ in Greek, and Ena in Croatian but I think Irene sounds better:

From Greek Ειρηνη (Eirene), derived from a word meaning “peace”. This was the name of the Greek goddess who personified peace, one of the ‘Ωραι (Horai). It was also borne by several early Christian saints

(Link http://www.behindthename.com/name/irene)

For Girl Lover – she is passive, really easy to be manipulated, and naive I think… So Emily works, it sounds so sweet!

For Boy Lover – he is the energetic one, sporty boy and popular, I would use some modern names like Greyson:

gained popularity in the 20th century. People with the alternative spelling Grayson include athletes Grayson Boucher and Grayson Burne.

(Link http://www.babynames.com/name/Greyson)

For madman – since he is not the main character, so we chose the one we like Blake and it is from the poet William Blake!

Students’ Sitting position?

Their seats are not only for the game itself but also the position they choose through all their psychology lessons, tehrefore, we need to consider their relationships between each other AND the distribution of their main characters and ordinary villages.

Werewolf 2(Sean, shy one) – sitting in the corner, indicating his quite character in real life and suggesting the unlikely consequence of he being a werewolf

Werewolf 1(Don, outgoing, exciting) – opposite of Sean, so they can point at the same person and look at each other easily

Madman (Blake) – next to Sean due to the reason that the order the Narrator calling them(werewolf 2 and the next is Madman)

Angel(Lucy) – near the center(selfish, arrogant, typical teenager girl like Mean Girls, next to her ‘friend’ Emily(Girl Lover)

GirlLover(Emily) – under threat of Lucy, patronizing her and they are good till the end of the lesson

BoyLover(Greyson) – the need of him to be opposite of Emily so they can have eye contacts easily

Druid(Irene) – the one who can see the overall view of the game, as if she can see everything as a judge; BUT being pragmatic, that is the only seat left that is not next to another main charater, seems more natural…