Planning: Who will be killed/revived in the game?

We spent the whole afternoon setting the game process, it is shown as randomly but it is supposed to be decided by film-makers, as if you are writing a story with existing rules…

Night 1 – 1 villager dies

day break 1 – 1 villager dies

Night 2 – Madman dies

day break 2 – minor werewolf dies

Night 3 – lovers die

Day break 3 – 1 villager dies

Night 4 – 1 villager dies; Druid revives lovers and kills Angel; Angel examines main werewolf but dies because of Druid

Day break 4 -1 villager dies

Night 5 – Druid dies(werewolf chooses not to kill lovers again so instead…)

Day break 5 – Emily and Greyson choose Sean and Villagers win!



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