Research(school drama): Characterisation

The reason I chose Mean Girls not only for the sake of its popularity but also the sharp characters it created. In a 5-minute-film, we have to use everything we can to portray diverse characters effectively and I think Mean girls make that possible.

And Lucy as one of our main characters that is being an ‘Angel’ in the game, personally, I portray her as Regina… so… why not have a look at Mean Girls?


Mean Girls

The Plastics:

Regina George(the leader of The Plastics)

Gretchen Wieners

Cady Heron


Found two useful websites! (super clever!)



Shared features of the group of bitches/villains I identify:

  • Same style of clothing or same colour
  • not wear the same cloth as Regina
  • follows Regina and helps her bully others
  • shallow and mean… as the title says Mean Girls
  • can pretend to be intimated with others for a particular reason
  • Pretty and slim


Regina George

TYPICAL TEENAGERS DIAGNOSIS: sees herself better than any one else; abuse and use her friends;

  • meaningful name – Regina means ‘Queen’, which describes her perfectly
  • stylish dressing – suggesting her attention to clothing and fashion, which makes her seem shallow academically, and makes her stand out


  • twisted words(by dialogue) – by showing her manipulative behaviour towards her ‘friends'(other members of Plastics) when speaking to others and it is short but so effective and sharp! in a way, she is brilliant socially
Regina: “You’re, like, really pretty.”
Cady: “Thanks.”
Regina: “So you agree?”
Cady: “What?”
Regina: “You think you’re really pretty?”
  • Irony – the impact of letting audiences aware of her badness, just last one sentence, we can tell how mean she is and how she acts differently in front of people and after
Regina: Oh my god, I love your skirt! Where did you get it?
Lea Edwards: It was my mom’s in the ’80s.
Regina: Vintage, so adorable.
Lea Edwards: Thanks.
Regina: [after girl walks away] That is the ugliest f-ing skirt I’ve ever seen
  • Pet the dog – classical plots of being a nice bitch, it is their mask and their way to get what they want, as Cady first arrives, Regina helps her


Cady Heron

TYPICAL TEENAGER DIAGNOSIS: attracted to the new world; unawareness of her falling down character;

  • a new follower of The Plastics
  • Tragic hero – naive and independent(schooled at home before), she does not seem to be easily manipulated but actually she is into The Plastics more than she thinks


  • clothing&makeup – before joining The Plastics and After, indicating change of her characters as well


  • remain her goodness – foreshadows her later awareness of being so mean to others, which is a nice conclusion and worth experience at the end
  • Being an intelligent bitch – she is good at math and she is not shallow, which is different from the rest of the mean girls, she uses her brilliant brain in a right place at least before




  • being a most realistic real teenager – she does have flaws but she is the one who will realise her own faults and fight
  • interesting character – she is not as ‘princess’ as Regina but she can be, she has the power to get her own epiphany!


Gretchen Wieners

TYPICAL TEENAGER DIAGNOSIS: spoiled; use the wrong way to stand out; patronise to people who she thinks are ‘better’

  • a follower to the leader, more shallow than Cady – I mean not only follow Regina but also Cady later, she loves Regina, more or less enjoy her bad treatment to her, nevertheless, at the same time, she is always in the side of most popular one!
  • she is naive and gossipy, a minor comic character
Janis: Gretchen Wieners knows everybody’s business, she knows everything about everyone.
Damian: That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets.
  • insecure and wants attention badly – one of the reasons that she dresses so (below)


  • a rich mean girl – the only reason she can join The Plastics is she is so rich and that contributes to her fearless character to anyone else except Regina





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