Students’ Sitting position?

Their seats are not only for the game itself but also the position they choose through all their psychology lessons, tehrefore, we need to consider their relationships between each other AND the distribution of their main characters and ordinary villages.

Werewolf 2(Sean, shy one) – sitting in the corner, indicating his quite character in real life and suggesting the unlikely consequence of he being a werewolf

Werewolf 1(Don, outgoing, exciting) – opposite of Sean, so they can point at the same person and look at each other easily

Madman (Blake) – next to Sean due to the reason that the order the Narrator calling them(werewolf 2 and the next is Madman)

Angel(Lucy) – near the center(selfish, arrogant, typical teenager girl like Mean Girls, next to her ‘friend’ Emily(Girl Lover)

GirlLover(Emily) – under threat of Lucy, patronizing her and they are good till the end of the lesson

BoyLover(Greyson) – the need of him to be opposite of Emily so they can have eye contacts easily

Druid(Irene) – the one who can see the overall view of the game, as if she can see everything as a judge; BUT being pragmatic, that is the only seat left that is not next to another main charater, seems more natural…




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