WHO are typical characters in school drama?

I found an interesting website explaining stereotypical characters in high school, but not all of them are what we are familiar:

High school stereotypes

Several characters in our film:

  • The Trouble Maker&The Bro (Don)

As introduced in the article, it is more about bullying and the trouble maker  but Don is set to be a good-natured and annoying boy, very childish, like to joke but not discriminate nor bully indeed.

  • The outcast (Sean)

Unlike Don, Sean is quite and neglected by others, he is afraid of showing his goodness or choosing the wrong identity, which is his epiphany at the end of the film.

the fear of being trapped in a grown-up future and choosing the wrong identity, and of course the pain of love, which we all learn to anesthetize eventually.

  •  The try-too-hard teacher (Mrs. Burn)

Actually, Mrs. Burn is that try-too-hard teacher who wants to keep them even after class finishes just to let them know the homework.. And we definitely use the convention of school teacher.

  • The alpha bitch (Lucy)

Mean Girls, Regina George. Yes, we portray Lucy as a mean and manipulative girl, and I think she is based on Regina George.




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