(PG)Classification of target audience

The website I used to identify how suitable my AS opening is is British Board of Film Classification(BBFC):  http://www.bbfc.co.ukand both of us trust its reputation and authority therefore we’d like to follow it for A2 short film.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 12.04.35

Personally, I consider it as PG.

Last year, I classified my opening as PG since it is a horror of a mild version since my first idea included drugging.

Having considered our A2 short film, it does not contain any violence even bad language, and the ending is happy and educational, which is written in U classification:


Why I consider it as U?

At U we only allow infrequent use of very mild bad language (e.g. ‘damn’ and ‘hell’).

 According to our script (part 1&part 2&part 3), there is no bad language at all. Nevertheless, it is a school drama and mild bad language might be added, it is a way to express their emotion.

Characters may be seen kissing or cuddling…there could be mild or undetailed references at U.

we do not plan put any aggressive sexual behaviour at all, maybe hold hands!

generally contain positive messages about loyalty, honesty and friendship, particularly amongst children. The film or video may well have a happy ending.

That’s exactly what we do, pass on positive information, accusing Angel’s mean treatment to her friends! The ending is in balance as well.

No drugs

Why it may NOT be considered as U but PG?


(U) However, it is impossible to predict what might upset a particular child, especially at this lower end of the category range.

? It sounds like it would be better to classify our short film as PG instead of U unless we are 200% sure that will not upset any particular child…

? One of the props we have is werewolf mask, I wonder if that is scary to children when ‘werewolves’ lift their heads up…

PG works can explore challenging issues such as bullying, bereavement or racism.

From my understanding, PG films tend to explore deeper problem in the society as our film does – situational behaviour.

And Lucy as a mean girl threats Emily that makes a decision between her or Greyson, which probably reveals Lucy’s dominant position as bullying? therefore it might be classified in PG.

In a PG work, potentially dangerous or antisocial behaviour which young children are likely to copy.

no weapon even knives, and no antisocial behaviour.

Fantasy settings may again be a factor in the treatment of such content.

In PG classification, it mentions Fantasy! It suggests that it will be fine in PG as long as frightening sequences are not prolonged.

We agreed to go for PG, because it mentions PG work explore deeper issues and we are afraid werewolf mask will be unsuitable.



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