Display board(Classroom settings)

This was being considered at the very beginning of this project but we finally come to this point! To make sure it is a trustful setting as a psychology lesson, some posters about psychology will do.

My partner typed in ‘psychology poster for classroom’ and it pops up hundreds of pictures,

to buy an actual finished poster about psychology is not easy here so we decide to find a printing shop.

This one does not turn out great, but it doesn’t matter if it is background:

Other three are fine, we are going to print more if they are not enough:


And I outlined the word ‘PSYCHOLOGY’ and we coloured it together:


We will cut out it and stick it to display board with posters.


Return to game cards – amazing back design!

We’ve been thing about back side for such a long time and now we’re ready to film but can not without a back design done! CHECK OUT What’s on the back of the game cards?!



Jay drew it as a part of job for cards, it has been a long time but it is still part of his job as a production designer, he is so good at it!

We are speechless when we see it, it is an amazing piece and we are going to print out this, just image how pretty it will be on the table!!

Sorry… we had a problem.. (We have a COPYRIGHT ISSUE….)

Nailed down the costumes, get prepared:)

We’ve thought about it at the very beginning CHECK OUT How do characters dress? (Costumes) but we only talked about what special costumes during the night and we didn’t talk about clothes through the all short film.

This is our final plan for costumes!


We don’t bother change costumes to medieval fancy dress during the night, instead, we are gonna add some props like necklace, less is more!

And I am really careful about colour they are wearing so the position will be important CHECK OUT Students’ Sitting position?, we tend to emphasise the main characters and their costumes are based on their character, connotation of colours:)

LUCY is easy to describe, basically like Regina in Mean Girls: skirt is needed and pink as a top, makeup is popular in internet:


This is not a pretty photo BUT! we see her makeup well – baby pink eyeshadow, soft eyeliner, pink blush and soft eyebrow.

Irene as a wise friend of Emily, who suppose to dress smart and fashion, and different from Lucy for sure:

Blue or White top will indicate her rationality and wisdom even honesty.

Emily is a really passive girl so grey will connate uncertainty and passive character, we don’t intend to let her dress up, her costumes are quite plain.

When it comes to boys:

Greyson, red indicates passion, as a lover;

Don, blue indicates extroverted character and optimistic, naive, very clear;

Sean, conventional Asian students, like Emily, tend to be quite and plain, grey will also work, but for sure something does not stand out like Evan Huang in Fresh off the Boat:


We follows this style so Sean is going to wear Shirt or flannel for sure, and the colour should not be so bright, Evan Huang wears mild colour.


Shooting schedule

We’re coming to the end of planning, it’s the time to get shooting schedule; It takes much more work than AS coursework.

shooting schedule

shooting schedule 2

As you can see the template, normally they use ‘shots’ or ‘scenes’ but ours is Storyboard pages because I drew 90 shots! 90… Pages will work better for directors like us, who does not do math very fast.

I did not do my shooting schedule by order last year, I did it by casting so it was easier for me to manage different groups of people.

This year, we group different shots in terms of lighting and casting:

Shots during the day – shots during the night;

shots with majority cast – shots with minority cast;

outdoor shots&few shots with teacher only


And storyboard is here:

Storyboard Part 1

Storyboard Part 2

Storyboard Part 3

Worked all night! – storyboard 4

Being productive tonight! – Storyboard 5

Last part of storyboard 


lighting test 3

Hi, this is the third lighting test and followed what we planned in the second one ‘try put the bulb in the middle of the classroom’ (lighting test 2 – two bulbs & one lamp).

we got extensions so we are able to set the bulb in the middle of desks:


This is how it looks like at table level shot:

it is quite bright, but it will be necessary if we want to see their face, and we decide the rest of lighting problem will be dealt with editing.


As you know, the bulb can not stand up itself so I have to hold it and see how it will go with individual people; I directed the bulb and it seems okay as iPhone shows.


we have to try it with proper camera and see how it looks like on it!

Test shots (Sound & Lighting 4)

Editing try: Disappear effect by iMovie

Are you think it is too early to get on editing? Actually, it is just on time. 

If we can’t edit the disappearing part, so what’s the point of filming it? it is part of our planning.

I do not have Adobe Primiere CC on my laptop so I use iMovie, which is a easier programme to get a hang of.

Okay, I took two videos in one position – one with the blue highlighter, one without.

I just stick this two together:

I found a tutorial of disappear effect, it is similar to mine but use only one video with everything in it and with a cross dissolved transition:

Followed the tutorial, I add a transition he suggests, it is more natural:


I think we can make it work so there is a point of filming it.

Crafting #3: Trim it!




We were too busy cutting this middle part out that I did not take any photos.






Yes, this is how it looks like!

we even cut the corner of the frame into curvy shape, like an actual frame.

Isn’t it a good way of marketing? I am sure you have seen it in the cinema, maybe not a frame but a cutout spacesuit or something like that.

Crafting #2: Right and left side

Check out Crafting #1: Our golden frame!

We did not use rule to measure the width, instead I borrowed my partner’s finger to measure, and it is easy to track whether it is even or not:



Saving-time strategy, we decide to get all the masking tap done and then paint it in one go so it saves us some time:


We leave four corners to Production Designer Jay, because the squiggle part is not guaranteed by us… We do not want to mess up two-days work on squiggles!


Ready to photoshop! (postcard)

All the plans for one postcard are here:

Printing job! Postcards test! (original idea)

What to put in postcards? – a free online lesson!

Look at similar examples of postcard!

Postcard layout… On my notebook:)

Make ideal layout work! (postcard)

Short film festival for advertisement – POSTCARDS!

synopsis? tagline? (postcard)

Check out!

My partner already had a really good post(Nass’s technique post) and she is the one using Photoshop, I was ‘the good eye’ sitting there trying to give advice.

The design mostly remains the same as we discussed, three cards on the front as if they falls.

The effects of front page



My partner is so amazing, i am telling you, she found Drop Shadow! I have the idea of design and she actually made it happen! And now the cards on the front page is like cards falling down, 3d I think.

effect of back page




It represents the line in postcard, this idea came from the research http://kellybluff-a2-ms.blogspot.hr/2011/01/post-16.html,

it uses company’s name to divide right and left part, so my partner thinks it will save us more space if credits line up!


It seems short but it took us two days to finish, thanks my partner knows how to use photoshop, and I’m glad my good eyes are useful.

Audition Day 2: Boys rush in…

It’s just a bunch of boys in the library and we decide to keep the one who is doing audition in the room, others waiting outside.



Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 17.56.14


I am the one who acts as another person this time, i am trying to be serious as Emily or Sean but sometimes I just can not help laughing.

My partner is in charge of the camera and we had a good time while doing audition for Don. Some does surprise us and it’s worth to do casting!