OMG What title?? Our heads nearly explored!

okay, it was harder than what we thought. It is about mafia, werewolf, psychologic lesson but obviously we can not choose werewolf or mafia.


short, fancy, shady, nice sound.

Here is the list of possible titles:

(My notes on the phone…)

1. situation

the reason: it is from the research of Standard Prison Experiment, it studies the role-play effect and the situational behaviour therefore they are in a situation in werewolf game.

2. nightfall

the reason: my partner quite likes the title, I agree that it has a nice sound but it sounds really general and it is common. The meaning of it fits in the film – characters die or being revived during the night.

3. persona

the reason: I had never heard of this word before, after research, its meaning is perfect for our film – the aspect of someone’s character that is presented to or perceived by others. All of the characters have one or more persona(s) either in the real life or in the game!

4. trial

the reason: it is a trial… in a game… Having considered our genre as a fantasy, both of us agree that the title needs to be fancy and this is not…


the reason: really nice sound, and our film reveals truth. BUT why does it sound so academic?!

6. epiphany

the reason: another word I did not know before… apparently, it means the sudden enlightenment you get. Having considered carefully, all the characters discovers something new or take notice of something they’ve never noticed (Sean’s kindness), even though the context of the epiphany differs, but it can be concluded to one – The ‘good’ one is just the wolf under the sheepskin. 


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