our first lighting test, with my little lamp

We do not have professional lighting equipment but we are trying to do best with all we have!

There are three levels you can choose by pressing buttons, but we only tried level 1 and level 3 because level 1 and level 2 do not make a visible difference.


level 1

The tone is actually warmer than pictures, it is close to orange tone but in the picture, it tends to be cold tone.


when you use iPhone camera, it will brighten the objects when you tap your focus SO it is darker than what pictures show! And the lighting is uneven… fair enough… We only brought one lamp…



level 3

I know it seems like the same, but it is LEVEL 3! it is different, look at below!



it’s brighter, as you see. from the lower right corner, maybe it is too bright?!

One lamp is far too less, we need at least 2, or even 4 for each corner in the classroom. And the tone of lighting suppose to be the same, either warm or cold.

my lamp can only stretch to the 90 degree angle, so it is limited, it will light the floor more than light people’s faces when they sit…


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