What to put in postcards? – a free online lesson!

Here are three useful links for postcards:

  1. http://kellybluff-a2-ms.blogspot.hr/2011/01/post-16.htmlhttp://www.scriptmag.com/features/write-direct-repeat-short-film-marketing-part-2
  2. http://douglashorn.com/wordpress/filmmaking/promoting-your-film—and-yourself—at-film-festivals-tips-you-only-learn-after-your-20th-film-festival/
  3. http://jonreiss.com/2008/10/film-festival-tips-posters-and-postcards/


Postcard is considered as one of the most common marketing strategy for films that not immediately release but go to film festival route instead, which is the situation we have since cinema release causes 7 figures at least, so we choose to create some items on hand. And postcards also make our film more like a real media context!

Or you can combine them and have a film postcard that includes your contact info or a business card that promotes your film. I’ve seen them all and they all work just fine.

Some of them are suggesting to create a business card but according to my research, it is quite common that filmmakers put their contact at the back of their postcard.

I just got handed half a dozen short film postcards in the past week that had noWEBSITE or contact e-mail on them and I thought, what’s the point?

This is from the second link, an interview of filmmakers attending the short film festival. As I said, it would be helpful to put contacts on the back! People can Google it but it feels like an extra step. I suppose a catchy URL will do well, but even that it is more effort than click on it on your computer.

 why would you ever fail to have your screening place and time printed on the card?  If not printed on the card, then printed on a sticker that you place on the card.  If not on a sticker, then lay down some sweet, personalized handwriting with a nice “hope to see you there!” note.

A good advice before we start to print everything! Thanks stickers! Considering the real life situation, it happens a lot with screening times, I would like to avoid crossing the original timing and write the new one on each postcard, therefore, sticking things on it seems much easier!

I would always print postcards with key art, title, tagline on the front and more art, synopsis, contact info, whatever on the back but leave plenty of room for the all important screening times label and festival laurels.


For the postcard, have your key art on the front and have film, contact and screening information on the back.

And we can tell how important screening place and time are, beside it needs to look attractive, the most important elements will be screening time and our contacts!

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 18.53.18
A good postcard: plenty of contact info, a synopsis, tag, and photos and room for screening time stickers


A compromise is to print your first festival screenings on the back (esp since this is often your most important screening) and to use the rest for other fests putting the label over your first set of screenings.

The third website is also suggesting to use stickers but it’s possible to print out the first screening time and use stickers for rest of it!

I just made up cards for DIVERGENCE at Comic-con and I put QR codes on them.

Okay, we have considered QR code and I am sure it is popular in China because it functions in WeChat (a Chinese social media) that is popular, so people add others easily by QR code! But apparently, it is really hard to do it with an App to scan the QR code so we may go with website since it is our another minor task.


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