Make ideal layout work! (postcard)

I am so glad my partner is good with all sorts of programs so at least she knows where shall we start!

It doesn’t go well, I mean most of ideas are executed because they are too idealistic.

This is my partner’s layout when she was trying:

personally I like the second.

Others seems too unnatural, and the movement is quite rigid. If I am an audience attending a short film festival, I would like to go with the second one, I would like to see more! And I have questions when i see the card, it is calling me to find out!

My layouts were shown in Postcard layout… On my notebook:)), and she borrowed my notebook and tried them:

to be honest, the third one is the best, three cards and its position is much better than the first wheel one.

In the second one, the space supposed to be fonts is still empty and we don’t want it to be shown in the postcard, the point of the image is to intrigue potential audience rather than to give too much unnecessary information!




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