What’s on the back of the game cards?

We failed to find the stick paper we want yesterday (Went to Peves for sticky paper), and we were talking about it in the classroom today. What about the simplest wrapper paper?

The left one isn’t right, it is because the scan will put it upside down, but my partner realised the problem quickly and then did it, it came out good(left one).

This is not the pattern we are going to use but it is the idea of what we are going to do:

  1. choose the wrapping with pattern we like
  2. find 2 harder printing cards can go through printing machine
  3. go to the print shop
  4. scan the wrapping paper (facing down)
  5. scan the card (facing up)
  6. print two scan PDFs out

Luckily, one of the primary teacher told us she just printed the certificate out with hard card and she knew where we could get the same card!

So we’ll work on choosing wrapping paper and then we can go and print!



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