Huge handy frame, idea from Instagram (strengthen our branding)

I saw it in Instagram, people holding a huge cutout frame with LIKES and LOCATION on it. And the frame work reminds me of our card frame!

I know they are different but we want to create a stronger branding this year so we decide to make a huge frame copied from the card, and take photos of people holding it, which can be used in our website!


It will be really interesting to see our actors holding the camera and pose like their character in the Werewolf Game. And even it could be used as a promotion tool, we can place it in public like cinema and people could take photos with it, or we can make it like a bonus so one of our fans can get it when the film is done! It can be applied to many ways to strengthen our branding.

And we do not really bother the size of the frame, it is not necessary to be the same size as Instagram one:



At first, we decided to use cardboard so it is hard enough to be hold, but we need to colour it in white and go from there – do we really have time to do it?!



When we kind of left it behind, foamed plastic was found in junk room! it is white enough, which save us some time painting it and its size is acceptable, and it is thick enough. I think we’re gonna go with this one.




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