Where shall we start to build websites?


I don’t know how to build a website and not even a clue where to start, but Google really helps and thanks those filmmakers, for sharing their experience and tips in the internet:



I did research on Film Website rather than just Websites, I believe there must be a reason film website is different from any other types of websites like fashion.


1.Find a Web host

the location that provides a place for you put on your website, we need to find a  Content Management Systems(CMS) that allows us to add and manage content.


2.Get a domain name

It should be as simple, short and straight-forward as possible, and Useful Tip: adding the word “film” or “movie” at the end of your film title is quite common as it’s simple yet still unique.

This one is really important as I did a research on what information to put on postcards(), and one of them is website URL, so the easy and catchy domain name will encourage audience to type our website and follow it!


3.Install WordPress (recommend of the author)

it suggests that WordPress is one of the most popular platforms and it is easiest to use. Personally, I would choose WordPress because I am a non-tech-savvy.

I will talk about other web hosts later.


4.add content and build pages

the standard things are:

  • A trailer
  • Release date information
  • Synopsis/storyline
  • Awards and nominations
  • Names of cast, crew members and all companies
  • Images and videos of the mast cast
  • Social media buttons and icons


you don’t want to give too much away; focusing on powerful and artistic visuals is the key to instantly grabbing their attention and ultimately making them want to watch the film.

Okay, I think images are quite important in website, people will not spend hours reading heavy articles, and the image we choose has to be eye-catching indeed, otherwise, people will just close the website when they enters.


In addition to emphasizing your movie, your prospective audience will also want to know a thing about you and why you are making the movie.

We like the idea of putting our personal files on website as directors! And this filmmaker also suggests to do it. Personally, I think it will give you extra selling point, even though we are not famous director…


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