synopsis? tagline? (postcard)

Follow the step of Make ideal layout work! (postcard), we start to print!

the left one: cards are smaller; the right one: cards are bigger

I prefer the left one since it hides more and it will intrigue people to know more, and it is closer to the size of actual cards.


And a big step of deciding on synopsis and tagline! It’s just two sentences but it is hard, it is so important for the front since it decides whether audiences will turn over the postcard to see screening time or not.

Synopsis is easier than tagline, our candidates of tagline:

  • Who’s behind the mask?
  • Who are you?
  • When night falls.
  • You can hide the truth, but you can not escape from it.
  • Which character are you?
  • ☆Goodnight, sweet dreams, don’t let the bug bite.☆

Okay, my partner really likes question form and i agree that it is effective and seems to be connected to audiences. She was joking about ‘Goodnight, sweet dreams, don’t let the bug bite’ and it reminds me of what happened when we were playing werewolf with Y7/8 – they were joking about Goodnight when the Narrator says ‘Nightfalls’ and why not use it?

So I suggested to think about something with Goodnight, it is not a joke, it is creepy and eye-catching!

we came up with Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let werewolves bite. 

Isn’t it quirky? Don’t you want to know more?

Following the research What to put in postcards? – a free online lesson!, the synopsis is better to be brief and not give too much information, and the first try is too long:

A. ‘Fun and Game in psychology class lead students learn serious lessons about themselves and the people around them. For some it is life changing.’

the meaning of it isn’t wrong, we just have to re organise it:

B. ‘Fun and Game in Psychology class twists into a life changing lesson about relationships and truth.’

Without words like ‘students’ ‘people’ ‘ themselves’, it looks neater, and still means the same so we decide to go with B.



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