Crafting #1: Our golden frame

This idea is from Instagram cutout frame (research:Huge handy frame, idea from Instagram (strengthen our branding) ), it took us three days to finish but we recognise several areas we can apply it – website, marketing, branding.

And such a format is used by a lot of films in cinema, provides a frame or cutout portrait for audiences taking a photo! I think it will make our product closer to a real media text.



This is the material we use: acrylic painting(gold), masking tap, foamed plastic.

1. use masking tap to construct the shape we want and press it to make sure it sticks properly, then start painting


2. while waiting for the painting to dry, we start trimming the foamed plastic because it is too long, foamed plastic is really hard to cut smoothly

3. it is still too long, so we cut even more

4. keep drawing and we finished the upper and lower part


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