Nailed down the costumes, get prepared:)

We’ve thought about it at the very beginning CHECK OUT How do characters dress? (Costumes) but we only talked about what special costumes during the night and we didn’t talk about clothes through the all short film.

This is our final plan for costumes!


We don’t bother change costumes to medieval fancy dress during the night, instead, we are gonna add some props like necklace, less is more!

And I am really careful about colour they are wearing so the position will be important CHECK OUT Students’ Sitting position?, we tend to emphasise the main characters and their costumes are based on their character, connotation of colours:)

LUCY is easy to describe, basically like Regina in Mean Girls: skirt is needed and pink as a top, makeup is popular in internet:


This is not a pretty photo BUT! we see her makeup well – baby pink eyeshadow, soft eyeliner, pink blush and soft eyebrow.

Irene as a wise friend of Emily, who suppose to dress smart and fashion, and different from Lucy for sure:

Blue or White top will indicate her rationality and wisdom even honesty.

Emily is a really passive girl so grey will connate uncertainty and passive character, we don’t intend to let her dress up, her costumes are quite plain.

When it comes to boys:

Greyson, red indicates passion, as a lover;

Don, blue indicates extroverted character and optimistic, naive, very clear;

Sean, conventional Asian students, like Emily, tend to be quite and plain, grey will also work, but for sure something does not stand out like Evan Huang in Fresh off the Boat:


We follows this style so Sean is going to wear Shirt or flannel for sure, and the colour should not be so bright, Evan Huang wears mild colour.



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