Shooting schedule

We’re coming to the end of planning, it’s the time to get shooting schedule; It takes much more work than AS coursework.

shooting schedule

shooting schedule 2

As you can see the template, normally they use ‘shots’ or ‘scenes’ but ours is Storyboard pages because I drew 90 shots! 90… Pages will work better for directors like us, who does not do math very fast.

I did not do my shooting schedule by order last year, I did it by casting so it was easier for me to manage different groups of people.

This year, we group different shots in terms of lighting and casting:

Shots during the day – shots during the night;

shots with majority cast – shots with minority cast;

outdoor shots&few shots with teacher only


And storyboard is here:

Storyboard Part 1

Storyboard Part 2

Storyboard Part 3

Worked all night! – storyboard 4

Being productive tonight! – Storyboard 5

Last part of storyboard 



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