Sound effects Research – school drama & fantasy

There are quite a few sound effects school drama uses but they tend to be normal live chatting:

  • Bell rings (school)

Bell rings is the convention of school drama, it signals students to enter the classroom or signals the audiences they finish their lesson, it is really important to have it since nowhere else do have bell rings, at least not in the working place.

For example, In As The Bell Rings, bell rings in every episode and the setting also follows the convention of school drama, every time bell rings, they end the conversation, just as the title indicates.


  • Back ground chatting (school)

This is not supposed to be sound effect but it is, in real filming, it is hard to keep people chatting randomly and sound effect of that comes in

  • Animal howl (fantasy)

In Lord of the Rings, when two armies meet together, the rivals make that sound like wolf or dog? That sound makes the fantasy believable:


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