Sound Research – school drama & fantasy

In typical school drama, the ending tends to be very happy – a new equilibrium, for example:

Don’t you forget about me (Breakfast Club)

It is not completely romance but you can feel the teenager love between them. I would image similar songs for our ending.


Built this way (Mean Girls)

Listen from 1:00, the music starts to be more and more uplifting, and the beat is strong, which is a good song for the ending, but our beat can be stronger than it.


A Dream (Freedom Writers)

This the one which is more like rap and rock? This is not quite conventional school drama song, but this one fits in Freedom Writers really well since it explores the racism. And this can be perfect for climax (disequilibrium) in school drama, since eerie does not work in the climax in school drama:


A song for Twilight

This is not the soundtrack from Twilight but this is the one we wants and it fits in the fantasy.

To find the music for our film in night parts is really hard, we can not make it like a horror but still needs to create the mysterious atmosphere, the music below is the one we want, not a big change, very subtle (it can not be too intense, otherwise it would be a horror):


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