Filming starts!

To be honest, we are not familiar with the HD camera and learning while filming…

And I realise we need more test shots, storyboard is still to some extent unrealistic. We did not think about how to place some are not yet being filmed, and did not think about chatters as background.

A good thing is we let people who only have one shot filmed first so they can leave earlier!

we decided each of us film a group of scenes, my part is setting at the end of the film.

(I was talking to them, changing the angle)






This is the part all the things wrap up, they show more body language as they learn from the game.

My partner was helping me control bunch of people and clean the area that is filming!


(We also add teacher leaving at the end, inspired by History Boys)





They just can not stop peeking… we should have put them in the another classroom….




My partner  is in charge of the camera now, and I am standing next to her, since I know the storyboard better than she does!


she is dealing with our tough production designer Jay, he thought he did not look pretty in this angle…

SO I told him to do whatever the director says unless he has useful advice… Sometimes you have to be mean!



It’s great to have them in our film, we know who will be better to in charge of which students now!




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