(Websites)Promotional photo shooting

I like photography and I am glad this idea gives me a chance to practise!

I was taking photos and my partner was managing bunch of people.

Huge frame has been made for some time and we have to get actors involved as a promotionaltool BUT the lighting is terrible and the original photos do not turn out great. 

The idea can get fans attention to see the actors and another way to advertise our branding and interact with people not only actors.

Research: Huge handy frame, idea from Instagram (strengthen our branding)

Crafting: Crafting #1: Our golden frame & Crafting #2: Right and left side & Crafting #3: Trim it!



We want to them to themselves rather than roles in the film or in the game, it can be funny, serious, sad and cool.






With our favourite teacher! She is the one winking at the camera, and the facial expression turns out great.

AND in the film, she is the one TRY TOO HARD, talking about essays even students do not care!






I don’t know he is such a poser! He is so nice and easy going.






Boy lover, in the game, he is angry with Emily and actually he is such a lovely boy, he smiles a lot in front of the camera!


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