Filming 2: moving to classroom!

As you see, it is a mess behind the camera work. And we have to manage both Y10 and Y11 schedule because some people are in Y10 and some are in Y11

We talked to them during weekend as well, and some of them even skipped training to help us on Monday!

 Thanks to our teachers, help us so much and give us their lessons to film, otherwise it will be such a problem at the end!


I LOVE tripod, the camera itself is so heavy that my arm hurts so much.

I was doing pop in effect so the camera and the setting need to stay unchanged when students come back to classroom in Day Break 5.


In Filming starts!, we didn’t stay in the classroom for long and the display board(Printing poster – Display board(Classroom settings)) is not shown. This time, it is set in the classroom, and people help us stick posters on the board.

It is clear that it is a psychology room!





the one was about to bend is Jay, Y11 has exams soon so you can see people were not in shot were doing homework while filming.

Being a director, it is not easy and we had been there for three hours without a stop, so do these lovely actors!




filming after school, i brought drinks and my partner brought snacks!

AND IT WORKS! ALL THOSE SUGUR! nd take a break makes them more productive.







There was an emergency before we started filming, one actor did not show up so some minor actors actually do not need to stay after school,  we feel really sorry about it…






Jay, who plays Sean in our film,

takes selfie all the time…

And he always speaks Chinese to me while i was trying to explain the plot in English to others…






Jana, who plays Lucy in the film, she is such an amazing actress! If she knows the context, she can manage to do it so good, especially her facial expression like an alpha bitch in the film.






Today, it is my part to film and tomorrow we will spilt the filming. My throat hurts so much after it, just keep talking when i was directing.


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