(social media) Official photos with actors

We got this done a week ago and I started to fix it – (Websites)Promotional photo shooting.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/movieepiphany/?notify_field=blurb&notif_t=page_profile_completion&notif_id=1461144435516598

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theepiphanymovie/

Webiste: http://nassmaggie.wix.com/epiphany


I use snapseed to fix rather than photoshop because snapseed is easy for me!

Dominik – Boy lover Greyson

Karla – Gril Lover Emily


Filip – Don

Mrs. Christmas – Mrs. Burn


Peter – Madman Blake

Jay – Sean

Adib, Bei, Borna, Ana – extras


Directors – Maggie Zou & Nastassia Beara

How did i do it?


STEP 1: import the original photo to snapseed


STEP 2: fix the overall look TUNE IMAGE. It included brightness, Ambiance, contrast, saturation, shadows, highlights, warmth.

(this time, brightness 70~, ambiance 40~, contrast 10~, shadows 10~, highlights 10~, warmth 0)


STEP 3: after TUNE IMAGE, open details. Because this is the one for the website so the sharpness might lose while editing so I need to increase SHARPNESS and STRUCTURE.

(Structure 30~, sharpness 20~)


STEP 4: fix outer brightness. I want to create the effect as if the background is purely white so the outer brightness is better to be higher, at the same time, keep the inner brightness 0.


This is the after one, it looks brighter and the colours are shown more.


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