Filming 3: heading to night scenes!

We checked storyboard and decided to keep three actors after school rather than what we did in Filming 2: moving to classroom! that majority wasted their time just doing nothing in school. This time, we managed better than last time!

First, I apologised that I forgot to take photos of my partner directing, sorry. Both of us directed today and she does more than what i do today to make up yesterday’s part!

Finally, we got to the toughest part – night scenes! The good thing is lighting isn’t a problem, which is the work of lighting tests – our first lighting test, with my little lamp & lighting test 2 – two bulbs & one lamp & lighting test 3.


When one of us are directing, the other is also directing the bulb, as you see.

The extension works and that is confirmed in lighting test 3.

The problem is I can’t keep camera steady since it is really heavy, maybe next time we should use tripod…





As you see, the shadow looks really nice, but in the dark, it is hard to focus for the camera






this is the scene of Greyson comes back, being revived.

I need to be as steady as possible, otherwise, the editing will be a pain!








I am trying to explain to Jay how he needs to do with the masks in the night 1, because we are gonna do a transition effect, he needs to wake up twice, one without mask, one with!

However, we also did with Peter next to him as a madman, but the seat next to Peter is supposed to be a villager, and it is empty… I have a feeling we needs to redo this one…


In the dark, it is not easy to see the scripts so Mrs. Christmas uses her mini torch to lighten the parts she needs to say, it is tough…

We are experiencing different kinds of difficulties… I thought AS work was tough, actually this is tough!


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