(minor task) ‘The Epiphany’ website

This is the list mostly related to the minor task website:

Where shall we start to build websites?

Shall we have a look at popular Web Hosts?

Wix, our start – The Epiphany Web

(Websites)Promotional photo shooting

(social media) Official photos with actors

Website – Click on it!

Website – repetitive anmation on HOME page!

Website – ‘Contact us’Bar !

Website – Bloopers! Plot! Deleted scenes!


(minor task) ‘The Epiphany’ Postcard

This is the list of all relevant posts about Postcard:

What to put in postcards? – a free online lesson!

Look at similar examples of postcard!

Postcard layout… On my notebook:)

Make ideal layout work! (postcard)

Short film festival for advertisement – POSTCARDS!

synopsis? tagline? (postcard)

Ready to photoshop! (postcard)

WOW 2 – final version of postcard


WOW 2 – final version of postcard

Unlike WOW – final piece of cards, we are satisfied with the postcard, and I think we know the reason:


We edited the colour and added shadow, adjust sharpness Ready to photoshop! (postcard) and it turns out great even we use the same material for cards.


The colour is saturated and it is very neat, I am so glad that we finished our minor task, it is amaying if you see it personally.

Website – Bloopers! Plot! Deleted scenes!

Our website:


We think bloopers can actually get people’s attention, and personally I laughed while i watched it, it is the scenes audiences can not see behind the actual film:


And because we took so many shots that we deleted so much as well, but they are all nice shots and nice acting, my partner put deleted scenes rather than featured scenes:


But we did add plot in it:


And the rating is based on the research((U or PG?)Classification of target audience ) and we finally made our decision on PG rather than U, PG explores deeper problems so it would be PG.




Website – ‘Contact us’Bar !

Our website, check it:


We saw a lot of MARVEL website they ask you to fill in a form and you have a chance to win some products like in Antman, because we decided to hold a premiere in the school so we wanted to do it and let audiences get involved:


This is the button my partner creates and she is so good at it and I am being useless when it comes to it. Basically, there is a bar will pop up when you click on it:


And You can choose what you want say, we chose to use – THE FILM IS WAITING FOR YOU BE THE FIRST TO WATCH IT. After you fill in the form:


To be honest, it is not that attractive for audiences to fill in the table, and we could actually think through it before, at least i subscribe it.





Website – repetitive anmation on HOME page!

Don’t forget our website address:


Our home page has been empty for such a long time! We got this animation made and it is repetitive – werewolf’s eyes looking around and it is in red, which matches the title we choose in Website – Click on it!

Capture 6

Even though this is the frame, but it still presents the branding – werewolf theme!

And we added the information in ABOUT, these are the main information about directors, present company and starry:


The credits follow the format of Martian (the right side):



 Check out the left side for Plot (Website – Bloopers! Plot! Deleted scenes!)


(social media) Official photos with actors

We got this done a week ago and I started to fix it – (Websites)Promotional photo shooting.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/movieepiphany/?notify_field=blurb&notif_t=page_profile_completion&notif_id=1461144435516598

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theepiphanymovie/

Webiste: http://nassmaggie.wix.com/epiphany


I use snapseed to fix rather than photoshop because snapseed is easy for me!

Dominik – Boy lover Greyson

Karla – Gril Lover Emily


Filip – Don

Mrs. Christmas – Mrs. Burn


Peter – Madman Blake

Jay – Sean

Adib, Bei, Borna, Ana – extras


Directors – Maggie Zou & Nastassia Beara

How did i do it?


STEP 1: import the original photo to snapseed


STEP 2: fix the overall look TUNE IMAGE. It included brightness, Ambiance, contrast, saturation, shadows, highlights, warmth.

(this time, brightness 70~, ambiance 40~, contrast 10~, shadows 10~, highlights 10~, warmth 0)


STEP 3: after TUNE IMAGE, open details. Because this is the one for the website so the sharpness might lose while editing so I need to increase SHARPNESS and STRUCTURE.

(Structure 30~, sharpness 20~)


STEP 4: fix outer brightness. I want to create the effect as if the background is purely white so the outer brightness is better to be higher, at the same time, keep the inner brightness 0.


This is the after one, it looks brighter and the colours are shown more.

(Websites)Promotional photo shooting

I like photography and I am glad this idea gives me a chance to practise!

I was taking photos and my partner was managing bunch of people.

Huge frame has been made for some time and we have to get actors involved as a promotionaltool BUT the lighting is terrible and the original photos do not turn out great. 

The idea can get fans attention to see the actors and another way to advertise our branding and interact with people not only actors.

Research: Huge handy frame, idea from Instagram (strengthen our branding)

Crafting: Crafting #1: Our golden frame & Crafting #2: Right and left side & Crafting #3: Trim it!



We want to them to themselves rather than roles in the film or in the game, it can be funny, serious, sad and cool.






With our favourite teacher! She is the one winking at the camera, and the facial expression turns out great.

AND in the film, she is the one TRY TOO HARD, talking about essays even students do not care!






I don’t know he is such a poser! He is so nice and easy going.






Boy lover, in the game, he is angry with Emily and actually he is such a lovely boy, he smiles a lot in front of the camera!

Website – Click on it!

Hi, this is our website:


Today, we construct the website and choose which bar we want like social bar, which is very important since somebody might be interested in us and want to talk to us:


Before, our title is in white and really simple, but this maron colour matches the colour of title in the film and the font gives it a 3d look, the title is the first impression and it might remind you of blood:


Ready to photoshop! (postcard)

All the plans for one postcard are here:

Printing job! Postcards test! (original idea)

What to put in postcards? – a free online lesson!

Look at similar examples of postcard!

Postcard layout… On my notebook:)

Make ideal layout work! (postcard)

Short film festival for advertisement – POSTCARDS!

synopsis? tagline? (postcard)

Check out!

My partner already had a really good post(Nass’s technique post) and she is the one using Photoshop, I was ‘the good eye’ sitting there trying to give advice.

The design mostly remains the same as we discussed, three cards on the front as if they falls.

The effects of front page



My partner is so amazing, i am telling you, she found Drop Shadow! I have the idea of design and she actually made it happen! And now the cards on the front page is like cards falling down, 3d I think.

effect of back page




It represents the line in postcard, this idea came from the research http://kellybluff-a2-ms.blogspot.hr/2011/01/post-16.html,

it uses company’s name to divide right and left part, so my partner thinks it will save us more space if credits line up!


It seems short but it took us two days to finish, thanks my partner knows how to use photoshop, and I’m glad my good eyes are useful.