Rough cut 3 – split screen effect

9hours editing Journey – rough cut 2(without music)

Today, we are aiming to edit split screen effect and go through rough cut 2 again to cut down clunky bits.

screen shots here


Rough cut 2 – 9h editing journey

We are editing the second rough cut and we aim to cut down piecies and add transitions, get the base done!

I am glad audio is separate from video so we could manipulate the soundtrack!

In this rough cut, we:

1 different audios and videos mixed to make it natural

2 some transitions


As you can can see, teacher’s speech is like 1 minute long, and it is boring…

Lighting also varies in different videos, which we need to fix…



WOW 2 – final version of postcard

Unlike WOW – final piece of cards, we are satisfied with the postcard, and I think we know the reason:


We edited the colour and added shadow, adjust sharpness Ready to photoshop! (postcard) and it turns out great even we use the same material for cards.


The colour is saturated and it is very neat, I am so glad that we finished our minor task, it is amaying if you see it personally.

Filming 4: with majority casting

A tough day, they are all lovely, but hard to handle especially most of them are in today’s parts… Gosh my throat literally hurts after it…

Okay, this is Nass’s part and I am helping another Dominik zipping his clothes BECAUSE he is the one looks like Don who played by Filip, but Filip went home earlier so others went to Y7 and brought him to our field, basically he is gonna sit there with masks, pretends to be DON! 

This is not close-up shots since their clothing is different (fillip’s below):  img_5682

When i looked at this photo, i am so grateful that they wait for such a long time, and support us in different ways! Being a director is a pain, and it is a respectful job!

Website – Bloopers! Plot! Deleted scenes!

Our website:

We think bloopers can actually get people’s attention, and personally I laughed while i watched it, it is the scenes audiences can not see behind the actual film:


And because we took so many shots that we deleted so much as well, but they are all nice shots and nice acting, my partner put deleted scenes rather than featured scenes:


But we did add plot in it:


And the rating is based on the research((U or PG?)Classification of target audience ) and we finally made our decision on PG rather than U, PG explores deeper problems so it would be PG.




Different effects in stock – get ready for editing 

I was checking Youtube, and found out this one, there is one part which is useful – warp stabiliser:


We have a problem of shaky shots since the camera is so heavy and we want it to be silky smooth! 

In After effects:

effect – warp stabiliser

(×) But it has a side effect of lower resolution and it depends on the clip itself whether it can work or not.


Another effect – quicksilver effect, which is useful to our pop in part:


1. split the layer (the part people moving)

2.time stretch (the lower, the better)

3.motion blur (only available in After effect CC)

4.effect control – shutter angle


Website – ‘Contact us’Bar !

Our website, check it:

We saw a lot of MARVEL website they ask you to fill in a form and you have a chance to win some products like in Antman, because we decided to hold a premiere in the school so we wanted to do it and let audiences get involved:


This is the button my partner creates and she is so good at it and I am being useless when it comes to it. Basically, there is a bar will pop up when you click on it:


And You can choose what you want say, we chose to use – THE FILM IS WAITING FOR YOU BE THE FIRST TO WATCH IT. After you fill in the form:


To be honest, it is not that attractive for audiences to fill in the table, and we could actually think through it before, at least i subscribe it.





Filming 3: heading to night scenes!

We checked storyboard and decided to keep three actors after school rather than what we did in Filming 2: moving to classroom! that majority wasted their time just doing nothing in school. This time, we managed better than last time!

First, I apologised that I forgot to take photos of my partner directing, sorry. Both of us directed today and she does more than what i do today to make up yesterday’s part!

Finally, we got to the toughest part – night scenes! The good thing is lighting isn’t a problem, which is the work of lighting tests – our first lighting test, with my little lamp & lighting test 2 – two bulbs & one lamp & lighting test 3.


When one of us are directing, the other is also directing the bulb, as you see.

The extension works and that is confirmed in lighting test 3.

The problem is I can’t keep camera steady since it is really heavy, maybe next time we should use tripod…





As you see, the shadow looks really nice, but in the dark, it is hard to focus for the camera






this is the scene of Greyson comes back, being revived.

I need to be as steady as possible, otherwise, the editing will be a pain!








I am trying to explain to Jay how he needs to do with the masks in the night 1, because we are gonna do a transition effect, he needs to wake up twice, one without mask, one with!

However, we also did with Peter next to him as a madman, but the seat next to Peter is supposed to be a villager, and it is empty… I have a feeling we needs to redo this one…


In the dark, it is not easy to see the scripts so Mrs. Christmas uses her mini torch to lighten the parts she needs to say, it is tough…

We are experiencing different kinds of difficulties… I thought AS work was tough, actually this is tough!

Website – repetitive anmation on HOME page!

Don’t forget our website address:

Our home page has been empty for such a long time! We got this animation made and it is repetitive – werewolf’s eyes looking around and it is in red, which matches the title we choose in Website – Click on it!

Capture 6

Even though this is the frame, but it still presents the branding – werewolf theme!

And we added the information in ABOUT, these are the main information about directors, present company and starry:


The credits follow the format of Martian (the right side):



 Check out the left side for Plot (Website – Bloopers! Plot! Deleted scenes!)