Ready to photoshop! (postcard)

All the plans for one postcard are here:

Printing job! Postcards test! (original idea)

What to put in postcards? – a free online lesson!

Look at similar examples of postcard!

Postcard layout… On my notebook:)

Make ideal layout work! (postcard)

Short film festival for advertisement – POSTCARDS!

synopsis? tagline? (postcard)

Check out!

My partner already had a really good post(Nass’s technique post) and she is the one using Photoshop, I was ‘the good eye’ sitting there trying to give advice.

The design mostly remains the same as we discussed, three cards on the front as if they falls.

The effects of front page



My partner is so amazing, i am telling you, she found Drop Shadow! I have the idea of design and she actually made it happen! And now the cards on the front page is like cards falling down, 3d I think.

effect of back page




It represents the line in postcard, this idea came from the research,

it uses company’s name to divide right and left part, so my partner thinks it will save us more space if credits line up!


It seems short but it took us two days to finish, thanks my partner knows how to use photoshop, and I’m glad my good eyes are useful.


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